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Baby Reflex

The Baby Reflex Course is run over 3 weeks (1hr weekly) in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with a small group of parents and their babies.

Baby Reflex is specifically adapted Reflexology to suit the needs of babies from 4 weeks onwards and is very ‘portable’ as there is no requirement to remove clothes. Baby Reflex is easy to learn and open to parents and guardians to assist bonding and to ease baby discomforts in a natural way through gentle touch. The benefits are better sleep patterns, greater ability to relax and much improved quality of life. Babies flourish and love it.

Baby/Toddler Reflex Programme

  • Week 1 - Feeding and Digestion, reflex points to relieve colic, reflux, constipation and more
  • Week 2 - Wellbeing, reflex points to boost immune system and stave of colds and infections
  • Week 3 - Sleeping and Comforting reflex points to aid sleep, improve mood and wellbeing

To book a Baby Reflex course contact Cora for availability and term start dates.

There is a range of personal options available too. You can set up a one-to-one class or arrange a bespoke class for a small group.


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