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Evening classes last 60 minutes and run for 6 consecutive weeks (€90).

There is a range of personal options available too. You can set up a one-to-one class or arrange a bespoke class for a small group.

To make a one-to-one appointment or book a class, contact Cora for availability and term start dates.

The Metamorphosis classes introduce the practice and philosophy to those who desire to make a fundamental change in their attitude of mind and way of living, and gives an opportunity to develop the understanding and experience necessary to practice Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a wonderful journey of self-discovery on how and why you perceive, relate and respond to everyday situations. All that is required is an openness to the idea of self-healing and patience in the process.

Metamorphosis Programme

  • Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Metamorphosis
  • Practical demonstration of the process on the reflexes of the feet, hands and head
  • Practical exchange of Metamorphosis to experience the transformational effect
  • Demonstration of the self-empowering hand symbols for everyday use


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