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‘Metamorphosis is a way of being, a way of life and is empowering’

Robert St John is the founder of Metamorphosis and the real effect of his work is to enable us to be become a master of ourselves, a creator of the life that we find in our body. Every moment in life is the interchange of attention and response. Metamorphosis is about the way we approach life and where we choose to direct our attention.

Principles of Metamorphosis
Not only is our physical body developing during gestation so too is our thought process so when born we have a thought process which guides us. The principles of metamorphosis are the two attitudes of mind we are born with, one which has a compulsiveness to push forward and one which pulls back from the action of life in everything we do and we have an orientation to one or other. The aim of Metamorphosis is to create a balance in their relationship so that we are less negatively influenced by things outside ourselves and begin to live creatively in the present moment from our conscious awareness.

Metamorphosis is based on the principle that every response in our body is the result of a thought. When our thoughts and emotions are out of balance so too will be the response of our body resulting in illness and disease. Blocks in the flow of consciousness can also keep us from being fully in the moment where parts of our psyche are forever trapped in times linked with the experience of unhealed pain.

It is widely accepted that thoughts create our reality so by changing our thoughts we can change our reality. But we can only create within the limits of what we believe and what we think. By opening up to possibilities we can begin to create a life for ourselves that is free from all forms of limitations. Over centuries we have been programmed by structures of thought patterns in our genetic lines, customs and racial influences in such a way that our capacity to think and to create through our thoughts is tied to these same structures. We need a process to ‘unthink’ these structures. That, in principle, is what Metamorphosis is. It is the mind that creates and the mind that heals. The structure of metamorphosis is the means to focus that intent.

Practice of Metamorphosis
The practice of Metamorphosis traces the development of consciousness from conception to birth and how it is reflected in the physical. It is based on the ancient system of reflexes and we use specific points on the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head as well as hand symbols to bring the prenatal period into the unconscious focus of the person. The regular practice of this self- healing process enables us to let go of the conditioned attitudes of mind which holds us in fear and resistance and keeps us from reaching our potential. As we begin to let go of these limiting stress patterns we experience greater awareness, better health and less conflict in our life.

Why choose Metamorphosis?
Metamorphosis is open to anyone of any age who wants to make a fundamental change to their way of living and is something that must be experienced to really understand its powerful transformational effect. Metamorphosis shifts ones understanding of illness away from symptoms and the physical body and towards the underlying stress patterns that were established during the gestation period that permeate all levels of being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

People are drawn to it for various reasons. Metamorphosis has shown to be effective for clients with special needs or non-physical disorders or for those who feel ‘stuck’ in their lives or are inclined to ‘retreat’ from life, including children. It has also helped many women who are unable to conceive or go full term on their pregnancies and is used with cancer patients. Others have found in times of strain and stress metamorphosis enables them to cope better.

With regular practice of metamorphosis it enables us: change our attitude of mind; let go of unconscious stress patterns; and live more fully in the present moment from our inner awareness - our potential.

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