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Metamorphosis - What to Expect

This practice involves a gentle touch on specific points on the spinal reflexes on the feet hands and head that correspond to the prenatal period and hand symbols (demonstration given for everyday self care). There is no need for a case history as this not a therapy in the ordinary sense and is not addressing any particular symptoms and therefore it is not a ‘cure’ for any illness. This practice is bringing the prenatal period into the unconscious focus of the person, enabling the release of the patterns that no longer serve them.

A metamorphosis session takes about an hour. All that is required is an open mind, willingness to change, and patience with the process. Some people like to talk while others are glad to just sit in silence.

There are no contra indications as it is your own Life Force that guides the outcome - at the deepest and most fundamental level transformation takes place. In the case with babies and children Metamorphosis can be applied by the parents of the child who act as a catalyst, yet it is the child’s own inner principle of life which effects the change.

Metamorphosis is hard to grasp on a conscious level and it affects each individual differently and not necessary on a physical level. First impression may feel not a lot has happened, however as time goes on you may become starkly aware of patterns that run in your life. You may dream of experiences that occurred in the past. Over a few sessions you may notice your perception changes and you experience fundamental shifts in your thought patterns. Many people find that old negative patterns of behaviour no longer occur, that they respond differently to situations that would have been previously stressful. Basically, your Life Force moves you in whatever direction is appropriate for you, taking you from where you are now to what you want to be. As your perception changes so does your reality.

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